What can help ground and orient us towards creating a life of harmony and gratitude? Ritual. How can we implement a daily ritual into our lives? By taking small moments each day to remember the importance of our well-being and growth as individuals. Once we recognise our worth, a personal ritual will become an effortless […]

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Soap Making

I was not too sure what to write about, but I knew I needed to post something, so here is a little amalgamation of my thoughts… I am back in the cafe, thinking of things to write for my blog. As I cannot seem to summon up any inspiration to write something specific, I thought […]

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As above, so below

As above, so below. The light and the darkness dwells within me; for we cannot realise one without the other. Light, dark; masculine, feminine. Life consists of duality and we must embrace this with open arms. Like the moon, I am constantly phasing, from light to dark; at night by candlelight I embrace my shadow […]

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Moon Boards

This months moon board; images that have been inspiring me in my creation process. I have many new projects and ideas, and these images have been the aesthetic drive behind the process. I named it the moon board as the images are in conjunction with the moon; the recent full moon total lunar eclipse (27/7) […]

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Musings //

Read// Book of Symols //The Archetype for Research in Archetypal Symbolism The Sacred and The Profane // Mircea Eliade Women Who Run With Wolves // Clarissa Pinkola Estes The Great Goddess // Jean Markale Selected Poems // Christina Rossetti Joan Didion, The Art of Fiction No.71 // Paris Review   Listen// William Basinski – Watermusic […]

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